Touching Video of Elephant Caretaker Sharing a Watermelon With His Adorable Baby Elephant

Approaching Jane with a twinkle in its eyes, Pogo requested, in its own charming way, that Jane fetch some watermelon to satisfy its taste buds. But to Pogo’s surprise, Jane hesitated and gently refused the request, explaining that the watermelons were meant for the entire group of elephants in the sanctuary, and they needed to ration the fruits.

Not one to be easily deterred, Pogo hatched a plan to get a taste of the succulent watermelon on its own. As Jane turned away to attend to another elephant, Pogo seized the opportunity and sneakily made its way to the stash of watermelons. With a swift yet careful movement of its trunk, Pogo managed to snitch a couple of ripe watermelons and promptly devoured them in a secluded spot.

Unbeknownst to Pogo, Jane had been watching from a distance, curious about the little elephant’s behavior. When she saw Pogo stealthily pilfering the watermelons, she couldn’t help but smile at the cleverness and cuteness of her mischievous friend. However, Jane knew that Pogo’s well-being came first, and eating too many watermelons at once might upset its stomach.

Deciding to play along with Pogo’s antics, Jane approached the elephant with a playful expression. She pretended not to know about the stolen watermelons and instead asked Pogo what it would like to have for a snack. To Jane’s surprise, Pogo trumpeted joyfully and pointed to the watermelon pile, as if to say, “I want more of these!”

With a chuckle, Jane agreed to share some of the watermelon with Pogo, but she made sure to give the elephant a limited amount to keep it from overindulging. As they sat together, munching on the sweet and juicy watermelon, Pogo’s eyes sparkled with delight, and Jane couldn’t resist showering it with affection.

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