The Compassionate Gentleman Who Gallantly Transported a Wounded Baby Elephant to Medical Aid

The baby elephant, who was traveling with its family in the forests of Nellimala in Ooty, India, accidentally tumbled into a canal and became trapped in the thick mud.

Hitchhiker: A wildlife official picks up a calf that has been rescued from a muddy canal and tried to run away into the road

A wildlife officer came to the rescue of a calf that had been stuck in a muddy canal. The calf attempted to make a break for it and ended up in the middle of the road before the officer caught up with it.

Video grab of the moment a baby elephant is rescued after it had fallen into a slushy canal in Ooty district of Tamil Nadu, India

A video clip shows the heartwarming rescue of a baby elephant who had slipped into a muddy canal in the Ooty district of Tamil Nadu, India. Local villagers contacted forest officials for assistance and managed to distract the protective mother elephant while they carefully extracted the calf. Despite being just a few days old, the little elephant put up a spirited resistance, understandably hesitant to leave its mother’s side.

The baby elephant was separated from its mother, leaving it disorientated and hungry

The young elephant was taken away from its mother, causing it to feel lost and in need of food.

Stuck: The elephant calf was part of a herd and was passing though the forests in Nellimala in Ooty in southern India when it fell into a canal and got stuck in mud

Trapped: The baby elephant, a member of a herd, was making its way through the Nellimala forests in Ooty, southern India, when it accidentally slipped into a canal and became lodged in the thick mud.

Scared: Having been rescued, the baby elephant tried to run away and was naturally scared and distressed

Terrified: After being rescued, the baby elephant attempted to flee, showing signs of fear and anxiety.

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