“Rescued” Pooch Beams with Joy as He Realizes His Days of Suffering Are Over

Animals that have suffered from mistreatment may lose their will to live, believing that there’s no chance for them to experience joy. When Sanford was brought to a shelter in Texas, he was deemed a “damaged” dog. His body had been hit by a car, and his right leg had been shot.

Huddled in the corner of the shelter, he kept to himself and avoided eye contact with everyone. However, when a kind-hearted foster mom took him under her wing and introduced him to her other furry foster friends, his demeanor instantly changed. The once-shy pup couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear. According to his foster mom Karen Velazquez, he’s now the most content and joyful dog she’s ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Karen shared with The Dodo that she is currently fostering her 52nd pet, and she has never encountered one as happy as this one. According to Karen, the pet looks at her in a unique way that no other animal or person has ever done, including her own pets. She mentioned that the pet only stops smiling when it’s sleeping or eating.

Animal control officers discovered him on the roadside, following a car accident. Sadly, he had also been shot in his right hind leg. The officers took him to a shelter in Dallas; however, due to resource constraints, he was unable to receive any medical attention.

It was fortunate that a member of the Dallas DogRRR, a dog rescue organization, came across Sanford and was compelled to offer aid right away. According to Kerry Anechiarico, the executive director of Dallas DogRRR, Sanford was in bad shape, appearing as if he had lost all hope and was waiting for his end. Despite this, the volunteer did not hesitate to approach and assist him.

Once he received the necessary medical attention, he was brought to the care of his foster mother Karen. From that moment on, he became a transformed and happy dog. Karen commented that since he arrived in her home, he had been all smiles and seemed to understand that he was in a secure environment. Sanford, who Karen affectionately calls ‘Sanfee,’ now enjoys a life of luxury, including home-cooked meals, daily walks, and playing with his furry friends.

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