Freedom and Fun: Ex-Circus Elephants Celebrate New Life with Mud Baths and Joyous Play

India’s Rambo Circus has released four elephants, fondly known as the Precious Four, from their life as performers. These elephants had previously been chained with spikes between shows. However, Wildlife SOS has come to their rescue and described the mission as one of the “most dangerous, exhausting, and complicated rescues to date” on their Facebook page. The rescue mission took over two days to complete. Geeta Seshamani, co-founder of Wildlife SOS, expressed her shock at the inhumane treatment of these elephants who were shackled and deprived of a natural life. Now that they are rescued, the Precious Four are finally indulging in refreshing mud baths and enjoying newfound freedom.

According to the group, the circus confined the elephants when they were not on stage and did not allow them access to water or exercise. However, Rambo Circus argues that they have never mistreated their animals.

Rhea Lopez, the manager of the elephant campaign at Wildlife SOS, shared her worry regarding the well-being of the elephants both physically and mentally. The four elephants, namely Pearl, Ruby, Goldie, and Sylvie, were moved to a facility in Pune, India, where they are now resting and undergoing medical treatment.

Wildlife SOS reports that the elephants have built strong relationships with each other. The facility’s veterinarian takes care of their feet, and they are given deworming medication. Sylvie and Goldie have already started to investigate the new temporary pool, as mentioned by Wildlife SOS’s communications director, John Pecorelli.

Once the required legal documents are acquired, the elephants will be transferred to a Wildlife SOS Elephant Care Center. Nevertheless, the circus poses a difficulty for the organization as they aim to get back the custody of the elephants.

Initially, the animals were taken away from the circus with the help of the police, forest department personnel, and various non-governmental organizations. This was done due to the circus losing its recognition from the Central Zoo Authority and being prohibited by the Animal Welfare Board of India.

Wildlife SOS is dealing with legal matters, while the elephants are embarking on their rehabilitation journey. They seem to be relishing their latest favorite food, fresh spinach treats. This update was shared by The Dodo.

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